Our common goal . . . to have fun with our dogs

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Rio Grande Canine Freestylers, based in the Albuquerque, New Mexico, area, was organized in 2004. We meet weekly, on Saturdays, with our dogs, where we help one another learn freestyle skills and develop routines as well as participate in fun, freestyle-oriented exercises for both handlers and dogs. While our primary common goal is always to have fun with our dogs, our members have varying personal canine freestyle goals. Members enter competitions (both live and video) and work toward titles, perform in public demonstrations, and develop freestyle skills to use in therapy work. Everyone enjoys a closer bond with their dogs. Those members who have specialized knowledge in various areas of dog training or other talents that relate to canine freestyle freely share with other members so that all of us may enhance our freestyle experiences. We also perform demonstrations at community and pet events, nursing homes and other venues. These performances are wonderful opportunities to share the joy of freestyle, the love we have for our dogs, and to introduce people to canine freestyle.

We are available for canine freestyle demonstrations and performances. We invite you to
Contact Us for more information.

Our group has sponsored seminars with Carolyn Scott, Richard Curtis, Michele Pouliot, Bev Blanchard, and TC Cappel and will be organizing future seminars with nationally recognized freestyle presenters. This is a valuable opportunity to increase our freestyle knowledge. Our group participates in video competitions and festivals with both the Musical Dog Sport Association and World Canine Freestyle Organization. We have regularly scheduled video days when members can tape entries in these competitions, and work toward titles.

Meeting Information: You're invited to come visit a session with or without your dog to see if canine freestyle is for you. Of course, a visit involves no obligation. We invite you to Contact Us or phone (505-508-4974 or 505-404-0499) for more information about attending a session.

We welcome new members!

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We encourage you to contact us about attending a session to see what Canine Freestyle is all about! We try to meet most Saturdays with our dogs and are actively searching for a meeting location.

Our sessions focus on learning freestyle skills and developing routines as well as participating in fun, freestyle-oriented exercises for both handlers and dogs. There are no required meetings or events. Members attend sessions when they wish. For more information about attending a club session,
Contact Us or by telephone us at 505-508-4974 or 505-404-0499.