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Canine Freestyle, sometimes called "Musical Freestyle" is a new dog sport that is fast growing worldwide.

The partial definition, according to the
World Canine Freestyle Organization, is "Musical Freestyle is a choreographed musical program performed by handlers and their dogs. The object of musical freestyle is to display the dog and handler in a creative, innovative and original dance, using music and intricate movements to showcase teamwork, artistry, costuming, athleticism and style in interpreting the theme of the music . . ."

Musical Dog Sport Association has a similar yet slightly different definition: "Canine Freestyle is a dog sport in which training, teamwork, music, and movement combine to create an artistic, choreographed performance highlighting the canine partner in a manner that celebrates the unique qualities of each individual dog. It is built upon the foundation of a positive working relationship between a dog and handler team." But no matter what the official definition of canine freestyle may be, the common denominator is having FUN with your dog!! Many people have been inspired to try the sport after having seen the world-famous Carolyn Scott and her Golden Retriever, Rookie, dancing to "You're the One That I Want" from the movie, "Grease." While this performance is an inspiration to all of us, we remember that Carolyn and Rookie had been training together for many years. At the start of their career, they were beginners. That's where we all start on the fascinating adventure that is canine freestyle.